"Just a little reminder ~ who is controlling your thoughts?" Cynthia Segal

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"Cynthia is an angelic guide to the other side of your problems. She has great insight to what ails you, not what you think your problem is, but what your core issue really is. She is a gifted intuitive and a gentle, loving, joyful guide."

Cynthia Segal Psychic is currently ranked in the Top 10 in the World

Cynthia Segal's first public address was on the topic of women needing to take back their power and create a better world, she was 11 years old. She created her first fundraising event at the age of 15 and spent the next 30 years creating fundraising events for non-profits concurrently with a career designing computer systems for Fortune 100 companies globally.
And then, quite suddenly one afternoon, she received what she calls a "download" of every Psychic skill she had ever heard of or read about. In her words "I had a conversation with God that afternoon, thanking him for these amazing skills." God told her that these skills would enable women to regain their Divine Link.
Cynthia closed her computer company and pursued this new "right" turn in her life. Within three years, in 2012, she became ranked in the Top 20 in the World as Best and Most Trusted Psychic and Healer.
Cynthia has been featured in two movies and multiple books. She has contributed to five books and currently teaches through lectures, classes, conferences and private Sessions. Cynthia has clients in 26 countries around the world.

Cynthia Segal Biography

Cynthia spent more than 25 years living in the corporate world as a Computer Systems Designer, working with Fortune 100 Companies globally.

In her spare time, Cynthia produced large-scale, fund-raising events in support of not-for-profit organizations.

A few years ago, she was suddenly stunned and amazed to discover that she had received a magnificent gift of multiple psychic abilities. In her words... I remember having a conversation with God, I call him The Boss. I asked, Why me? I am a woman of science, living in a black and white world. I think you meant to give these skills to my neighbour, she is into all this Woo, Woo stuff, I'm just a computer geek. I think you missed by just one house.

She received a response to her question: the sound of the most loving, gentle laughter inside her head and the feeling of a deep, profound hug inside her body. It left her knowing that the future would be wonderful.

Feeling totally astonished and excited at the possibilities, she chose to follow her new path and teach these tools to others.

The rest is herstory...

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